Tuesday, 11 October 2016

North Central DevFest

As the year runs out GDG's (Google Developer Groups) in Nigeria not sure about other locations organise a developer festival which is shortened to DevFest, the festival is organised by Google Developer Groups within the same region in Nigeria, it is a fun, colourful and informative event. As a developer we tend to sit in the comfort of our work space writing code or hacking our way to a solution, we often forget to socialise or go out to enjoy the beauty of nature, one major reason being Topic of Discussion, as a developer I find everyday small talk rather time consuming and not as entertaining as funny videos on youtube, the beauty of the online world is you can entertain yourself the way you want. practice self control.

DevFest gives us the chance to mingle with like minded tech enthusiasts and creates a developer friendly environment for tech heads to share, learn, entertain and engage.

Checkout the website for more info

Video clip showing last years North Central DevFest

Last years DevFest was really fun and informative, I wouldn't have learn't or known there were so many developers around if it wasn't for the DevFest.

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Dev Snacks

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