Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Where are the heroes?

To develop a game to is to tell a story (no matter how irrelevant the game seems), I spent today looking for a story to tell, so I have been crapping the internet looking for African heroes, stories and historic happenings to translate into a game, I found out that we don’t really appreciate or document our heroic figures of even create fictional heroes to teach the younger generations how to dream, we have nothing that can inspire generations and inventions like star wars and star trek. This could probably be reasons why we find it difficult to invent and explore because or stories are mainly built around romance and morals and nothing out of the ordinary. My first game shall be dedicated to the troops that have and had fought in North eastern Nigerian. Africa lets learn to document and appreciate our heroes it is also a great way of passing morals. Can anyone name 5 African heroes real or fictional?
Drew this last night am going to add more colours, real guns :) and make it look more realistic in photoshop. stay tuned...