Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Gearing up for Snake Charming

Gearing up for Snake Charming
After much deliberation on what programming language will be best to adopt for freshmen in computer science department, we finally agreed to use the easy to learn and really flexible Python programming language. The goal of this course is to serve as a foundation that will build the students problem solving skills not just through code but also through their thought process (Algorithms in mind) and python makes this really easy.

Besides being an easy to learn language Python has proved to be very efficient in the technology industry as big companies like Google and Microsoft use and support them. I will be tending to peculiar problems here as well as posting as much tutorials as possible. 
So stop looking pretty, lets install python and get to coding.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

More on North Central DevFest

For those who thought we forgot about our tradition at GDG Bingham University of having a trailer for our events, guess again, fresh off the fire check out the video and while you're at it, it won't hurt to click the subscribe button as well to get our content as hot as they arrive.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

North Central DevFest

As the year runs out GDG's (Google Developer Groups) in Nigeria not sure about other locations organise a developer festival which is shortened to DevFest, the festival is organised by Google Developer Groups within the same region in Nigeria, it is a fun, colourful and informative event. As a developer we tend to sit in the comfort of our work space writing code or hacking our way to a solution, we often forget to socialise or go out to enjoy the beauty of nature, one major reason being Topic of Discussion, as a developer I find everyday small talk rather time consuming and not as entertaining as funny videos on youtube, the beauty of the online world is you can entertain yourself the way you want. practice self control.

DevFest gives us the chance to mingle with like minded tech enthusiasts and creates a developer friendly environment for tech heads to share, learn, entertain and engage.

Checkout the website for more info

Video clip showing last years North Central DevFest

Last years DevFest was really fun and informative, I wouldn't have learn't or known there were so many developers around if it wasn't for the DevFest.

Images of developer hangouts and events

Social networking in the physical realm


Dev Snacks

Sharing ideas

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2015 Successes

So while I wasn't finishing projects or making YouTube videos, I had greater things taking my time. First on the list was work, lecturing is really fun if you know what you are teaching and programming can’t be crammed, memorized or even taught in theory, so I had to spend time reading and researching best examples to pass the skill and this in turn made me not just a better teacher but also a better developer.
Besides work I spent time and money on online courses on graphics, game development and mobile application, two of which I have already completed. There is hardly any feeling as good as spending your money on making yourself smarter.

Trip to A.B.U Zaria
I was invited to give a talk in A.B.U by the FlexiSaf team thanks to GDG Abuja Lead (Bulama). Truth is this requires a post of its own but let me drop the highlights. I work in a private university where when free Google Developer Events were organised it was difficult getting people to attend and you dare not think charging money will make things better, but here I was nervous at the massive crowd that came to hear us talk from morning to evening the hall was packed, people even came from neighbouring schools, (reminds me of the ever ready GDG Lafia team) I was in awe looking at the crowd,  I gave my talk and the question and answer session and demo was really fun, people saw how easy it was to get started developing Android apps. Watch out for a more detailed post on this trip, thanks FlexiSaf and A.B.U Zaria for this event.

images from event at ABU Zaria

Developer Festival is a Google Event where different google developer communities come together and interact on technological trends how to harness and teach its application. I was opportune to give a talk on Android Material design and I was quite tense, tense because I didn’t know what type of crowd to expect and had my presentation continuously changing till the final day. It turned out quite epic, fun and informative can’t wait for this year’s DevFest.

post north central Devfest video (credit: Sir Muff)

north central Devfest trailer video (credit: sir Muffs)

Android study jam
Google organised an Android study jam which is a club where interested people can come and learn how to build android applications professionally, I was given the task of handling the event at our GDG BinghamUniversity chapter and boy was it a fun experience.

Post event video

Generally 2015 was a blast because of the people I met, friends made, experiences both positive and negative and the fact that we are here to witness and “do more” in 2016
GDG Bingham welcome event for 2015 100 level

GDG Bingham welcome event for 2015 100 level

Google IO Extended (always epic at our chapter)


2015 Failures

I had several projects last year, I started and dropped them half way through the process, mostly because I was building to learn and once the knowledge is gained I drop it to move to the next phase (It is not a good habit).

Video game project

Alright I teased Angry mallam Infinite runner on Instagram last year and this game was a proof of concept for @Danny Cypher to guide him through his game development he however changed his mind which in turn killed my “ginger” (so that one is his fault ;)) but towards the end of 2015 I started revamping the project from a more experienced point of view.

Watch out for the build this year

Solar system VR project

Virtual reality caught my attention especially because it is so affordable with google cardboard and neat the documentation is pretty neat, I built a solar system concept for kids but I could never come around to integrate cool or nice graphics so I kept it lock down, to make things worse my nexus 5 started acting up after falling, so can't test VR till I change or fix it.

photo of my sleeping nexus 5 in a Cardboard

Mobile application project

In 2013 Mr Muffy and I built MedicNaija an app that helps you find closest hospitals, call doctors, report epidemics and get notification of prominent diseases and how to prevent, cure and control them. We pulled it down in 2014, I built the windows phone version as my final year project which I also pulled down from the windows store, I started working on it in 2015 but I knew that wouldn’t work out well because windows 10 was coming to change the platform, hence dropping the project. For now.

screenshot from medicnaija 2013
Other stuff

I released zero youtube videos (damn!), I didn’t finish any personal dev project.

A dive into 2015

Enter 2015, I was still undergoing my service to my country even though it was just months to the end of that circle the question what is the next stage still lingered. 2015 held no developer trophies like 2013 and 2014 where I released apps to the windows phone store and did a couple of tutorial videos for my youtube channel.

youtube video from 2014

So it basically started slowly, not dull, but slowly, at the end of my service I felt I will go home, sharpen my dev skills and further my education. I was however offered a job as a Graduate assistant at Bingham University which got me really excited because this means I will teach what I love, sharpen my skills, work with young sharp minds and of course earn some bucks.

selfie after devfest, never got to see the selfie though.

I learnt a lot last year so much so that I think I prefer it to previous years, won’t say it was perfect because there was the national elections and serious adjustments going on which sometimes gets real dark but hey where is the fun in a peachy life right. However I found the exact path I wanted to follow and for me nothing else mattered ("do what you love and you will never work a day in your life" -Confucius), game development, mobile application development and making sure anyone who comes to me with a problem leaves smiling.

Welcome to 2016 guys

Watch out for 2015 failures and successes...

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Welcoming new students to computer science in Bingham university

It's 4am in the morning and am feeling both cold (raining all night) and hungry. I will be handling a welcome event for 100 level computer science students later today (10am to be precise) you would think sleeping and resting will be the order of the day, but nay when dealing with freshmen and trying to get them to listen is all about being interesting, funny and levelling up with them. This should be fun, we will be demoing some projects the students are building like games, cartoons, android apps, Java apps, multimedia display and lots more. Watch out for the post event pictures. Awesomeness